Home is something everyone will experience. Some will say it’s where the heart is, some will say its where you hang your hat, but what about those who have neither?

Home will forever be simply but a memory for me. I am home with my thoughts, and in my mind, the past is home. But I move from room to room, the bigger my home gets, and this is wonderful, as some of those rooms are filled with carbon monoxide, and while i didn’t realize it at first, it was killing me, slowly, hazily. 

The only thing I miss about this website is the sense of self expression through a catalogue of images. The artistic lifestyle through words such as the ones above are simply a way to distract from the now, for those who do not wish to face it, or those who wish to give a different meaning to it. 

And I am content

02.18.14 /13:59/ 3098
02.17.14 /14:40/ 6109
02.17.14 /14:35/ 10529
01.30.14 /14:44/ 31468
01.30.14 /14:12/ 52649
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